Ihedioha Chinonso

Senior Software Engineer

Software Engineer with over 5 years of experience delivering beautiful, responsive User Interfaces and quality Software solutions. Incredible knack for building High-quality, Maintainable and Scalable Software Solutions for a smooth-satisfying User-Experience using the most suitable Frontend Technologies.

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I am passionate about solving complex problems and consistently seek innovative solutions. In addition to my technical work, I dedicate a significant portion of my time to reading and writing technical articles. I actively contribute to the tech community by organizing and participating in tech conferences and speaking at select events, further enhancing my communication and leadership skills. Outside of Tech, I have a love for traveling, which has broadened my perspectives and provided me with unique experiences.


Some of my Most recent work✨


Askyy.ai: Your AI-powered hub for answering questions, conversations, research, creative content generation, and relaxation


FileStash is a cloud storage platform for storing and tracking your files in realtime. You can create a folder and store images, images, vidoes, songs and documents.


Circlly is a social media platform used for getting latest trends, meeting new people and sharing what's on your mind. You can also create and join communities. Upcoming updates🚀


Melodia is a music platform where music lovers create and upload their music publicly for all to enjoy. Some new juicy upates are rolling soon.🚀

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